OncoDynamix for precision medicine in Oncology

OncoDynamiX Lifesciences Inc.,USA is a novel Aritficial Intelligence driven technology platform companny for Precision Medicine in Cancer. OncoDynamiX Scientific and Clinical team working on development and validations of technology from it’s Labs in Bangalore, India.

OncoDynamiX has developed two verticals for Precision Medicine in Cancer using Integrated approach: Verticle one is OncembleX a Novel Artificial Intelligence driven technology which predicts the clinical response of a cancer patient to a specific cancer to a specific drug or combination of drugs. OncembleX analyses information from a cancer patient’s tumor samples,(genomic and multi-omics alterations linked to major cancer signaling pathways, drug target, in vitro drug sensitivity data with associated biomarker expression) using novel AI algorithms and Machine learning integrated with deep knowledge of molecular cancer pathways of drugs, rule and guidelines based sophisticated computational models, based on extensive patient data bases and drug master networks, to predict the clinical response of the patient to an approved drug (s).

Vertical two has three lab based modules Vivo-PDX a Hollow Fiber based PDX model, OncoNoid a 3D Organoid model and NeoTox a HDRA technology. Lab modules data is integrated with AI technology and helps in assisting Oncologist in choosing patient specific treatment options based on principles of precision medicine.


  • Cancer develops over time through gradual accumulation of somatic Gene mutations and Genetic alterations (copy number increase, deletions, translocations).
  • Genetic alterations lead to abnormalities in cell functions and dysregulation of normal physiological processes such as cell growth, proliferation, angiogenesis, and cell death.
  • Cancer causes high mortality and one of the most difficult diseases to treat.
  • An estimated 17 million cases were reported worldwide in 2018 with 9.6 million deaths.
  • Some of the major cancers are Breast, Lung, Colorectal, Prostate, Stomach, Liver and hematological malignancies.

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